XAAL Documentation - Definitions


XAAL offers the possibility to define options for the animation as well as styles used in the animation. These can be done using the defs element. This element can have arbitrary number of child elements of type style, option, and define-shape. The style element will be described in the styling section and the define-shape in graphical primitives section.

Animation options are a sort of extension feature that the systems can use to include application specific information. However, it is not sensible to specify the available options in the language, since different tools will probably have different needs. Thus, we will define one element that can be used to specify general options as name-value pairs. This element is named option and it has two attributes: name and value.

Although we do not specify the possible options, we state that the ones we find important are animation speed and scale. We suggest that these options are named speed and scale, respectively. A sensible choice for the values is an integer representing a percentage with the default value 100%.

The XML document fragment in the listing below gives an example of what the defs section could look like.

  <option name="speed" value="200"/>
  <option name="scale" value="50"/>